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Tuning a Carbureted Street Rod Engine - Part 1 of 2

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Tim Wusz is a "gearhead" Mechanical Engineer who graduated from Oregon State University. He worked for Union Oil Company of California in Research and Development for 29 years until downsizing and corporate restructuring led to the "76" brand being owned by several oil companies over the next 10 years. Tim spent those 10 years building the line of 76 Racing Gasoline products working with NASCAR, NHRA, and many others. Corporate downsizing caught up with the 76 Racing Gasoline group at the end of 2003 when the owner of the "76" brand, Conoco Phillips, elected to get out of Motorsports and out of the racing gasoline business. Rockett Brand Racing Gasoline was formed at that time by a former employee of the 76/Tosco/Phillips/ConocoPhillips mergers. With a background in petroleum product development, including gasoline and lubricants, Tim was a logical choice to head up the technical side of this new company.

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