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Benefits of Rockett Brand

By: Tim Wusz

Rockett Brand 100 Octane Unleaded Racing Gasoline provides the following benefits

Increased Horsepower

This is due to the improved burn characteristics of this gasoline when compared to conventional street gasoline. Rockett Brand 100 burns more efficiently (and therefore more completely). Another reason for the improvement in power is that the gasoline contains an oxygen compound. This is like having higher barometric pressure which provides more oxygen. More oxygen means more horsepower. Isn�t this what performance is all about? More Power!!!


Reduced Exhaust Emissions

If your vehicle has failed an emission test, Rockett Brand 100 Unleaded Gasoline may help you pass due to the improved combustion efficiency of this product when compared to conventional street gasoline.


Improves Acceleration

If you engine has a knock sensor, acceleration performance will be reduced when detonation (ping) is detected. Reducing spark timing reduces the engine�s tendency to detonate (ping), but also reduces power. By stepping up to a higher octane gasoline, the acceleration ability can be restored because the spark timing is not compromised. Sometimes higher octane gasoline is necessary for more power.


Improved Fuel Economy

If your vehicle has a knock sensor, spark timing is reduced when detonation (ping) is detected. Reducing spark timing reduces fuel economy. When switching to a higher octane gasoline in a situation where detonation has occurred at part throttle, the engine can then operate without detonation, thereby improving fuel economy.


Runs Smoother

The hydrocarbons in this gasoline are selected for their ability to vaporize, combust, and efficiently convert chemical energy to horsepower. These characteristics result in an engine that runs smoother than it does on conventional street gasoline.


Contains an Oxygen Compound

The oxygen compound used helps to improve combustion efficiency which leads to all of the above: More power, quicker acceleration, reduced exhaust emissions, and improved fuel economy.


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