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Tuning a Carbureted Street Rod Engine - Part 1 of 2

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Henry Olsen, Jr., also known as �Professor Drivability� is part owner and operator of Ole�s Carburetor and Electric, Inc., located in San Bruno, California.

Ole�s Carburetors is a complete auto parts store. They also offer �off the car� carburetor, fuel injector, starter, alternator, and generator rebuilding services. Additionally, Ole's Carbs offer �on the car� fine tuning of fuel and ignition systems.

Working with Barry Grant, Inc., who makes the Demon Carburetor, Ole's Carbs helps Barry Grant get his carburetors running at top performance with the new breed of gasolines. "We are actively involved in promoting Barry Grant and their Demon Carburetor as well as OTC/SPX products", says Olsen. Additionally, Ole�s Carburetors has also worked with Edelbrock, solving a lean off-idle.

In addition to increasing carburetor performance, Henry Olsen also gives technical talks each year at the �Goodguys� National car event in Pleasanton, California on subjects such as getting older �vintage� cars to run their best with the new gasolines. He writes articles for Street Rodder, Kit Car, Street Rod Builder and Super Rod magazines, among others.